Ciao, Au Revior, Hasta Luego: Our Farewell to Europe

Neither of us had ever visited western Europe, so we were thrilled to visit the famous and exciting places that we had always heard about. We spent 3.5 months traveling around 8 different European countries as tourists and as volunteers. This … Continue reading

Monthly RTW Recap: Month 9

This information reflects the ninth month of our round-the-world (RTW) trip October 1-31, 2015: Countries visited: 4 (Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, France) RTW trip total: 19 Beds slept in: 8 RTW trip total: 77 Modes of transportation: Trains, buses, bicycles, metro, rental car, airplane Beaches visited: 2 RTW … Continue reading

Monthly RTW Recap: Month 8

This information reflects the eighth month of our round-the-world (RTW) trip September 1-30, 2015: Countries visited: 3 (Austria, Germany, Spain) RTW trip total: 16 Beds slept in: 6 RTW trip total: 69 Modes of transportation: Trains, buses, metro, BlaBla car, airplane Beaches visited: 0 RTW trip total: … Continue reading