Monthly RTW Recap: Month 11

rtw month11

This information reflects the eleventh month of our round-the-world (RTW) trip December 1-31, 2015:

Countries visited: 3  (South Africa, Honduras, Ecuador)
RTW trip total: 25

Beds slept in: 10
RTW trip total: 98

Modes of transportation: Mini bus, taxis, buses, airplanes, car

Beaches visited: 1
RTW trip total: 35

National Parks visited: 0
RTW trip total: 23

Things lost/broken/stolen: Our debit card was hacked at an ATM in Honduras-no money stolen, just a big hassle trying to get a new one

Books read: Christine 3, Clay 1
RTW trip total: Christine 18, Clay 9

Money spent: $2,805.44 USD or average of $90.50 per day
RTW trip total: $32,773.63 USD or average of $97.83 per day

Times Clay trimmed his beard: 1
RTW trip total: 9

Sunset Cruise

Sunset Cruise

Favorite thing we did:

We headed to the Bay Islands of Honduras for some beach time and underwater adventures. Ever since we became open water certified in Thailand back in April, we have been itching to get back in the water. Utila is an island famous for diving and it did not disappoint. We spent 12 days on the island relaxing and diving.

Underwater selfie

Underwater selfie

Sitting on the dock of the bay

Sitting on the dock of the bay

Happy Holidays

We spent the holidays dogsitting a precious pup just outside of Quito, Ecuador. Celebrating Christmas away from home was a first for us and we really missed our families but thank God for FaceTime! Although we felt a bit homesick, we enjoyed seeing how other cultures celebrate the holidays. On New Year’s Eve, Ecuadorians celebrate Años Viejos (meaning Old Year) by burning life-sized, scarecrow like dolls in the streets. These dolls represent all the bad from the past year and hope that the coming year will be better. This is the biggest celebration in Ecuador and locals go all out with dance parties in the street, fireworks and of course the burning of the effigies.

Clay and Senor Franky at market day in Otavalo

Clay and Senor Franky at market day in Otavalo

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Adventures in Ecuador

Our time in Ecuador was a mixed bag of relaxation while dogsitting and adventure in the jungle. Prior to dogsitting, we visited the small towns of Baños. In Baños, I experienced my first white-water rafting trip on the Rio Pastaza. I was pretty nervous before we went, mostly scared of falling out and drowning. Back in the day, Clay used to be a raft guide, and he assured me that he would save me if I fell out. Somehow I got placed in the front of the raft, so I got to see every rapid up close and personal right as we hit them. (Lesson learned: keep your mouth shut unless you want to swallow lots of nasty river water). Of course I fell out, but thankfully Clay was there to save me. In fact, I was the only person to fall out of our boat, ha! Despite my chilly plunge into the river, it was an exhilarating experience and I would definitely do it again.

Can you tell Im nervous?

Can you tell I’m nervous?

Hiking in Banos

Hiking above Banos

San Francisco plaza in Quito

San Francisco plaza in Quito



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