Budget: Croatia

One thing we want to show with our blog is that travel can be more affordable than people realize. We saved our money for 2 years prior to leaving, so we are keeping track of what we spend it on. Our budget we set at the beginning of the trip is $100 USD per day (for 2 people). Some countries are more expensive than others so the $100 is an average goal, not a limit (or a target).

IMG_4983 (1)

How much did we spend in 15 days in Croatia?

Total spent over 15 days = $1,574.22 USD
Daily average = $104.95

Croatia’s currency is the Croatian Kuna (HRK). The average currency conversion rate while we were there (late July/early August 2015) was:
1 USD = 6.90 HRK

City views of Dubrovnik

City views of Dubrovnik

And here is the breakdown of what we spent our money on:

Accommodation $505.86

  • includes Airbnbs and guesthouses

Transportation $563.13

  • includes rental car, bike rentals, public buses, parking, gas, and tolls

Activities $81.04

Food/drinks/groceries $417.96

  • includes dining out, groceries, drinks, and snacks

Miscellaneous $6.23

  • includes bathroom fees, souvenirs, and donations
Old City in Zadar

Old City in Zadar

Plitvice National Park

Plitvice National Park

Ways we saved money:

1. We should start by saying Croatia is most expensive during July and August because tons of Europeans flock here for summer vacation during these months. Prices for lodging and some restaurants charge almost double during July and August compared to the rest of the year. We initially wanted to camp our way through Croatia, but even campsite prices were jacked up. Airbnb was the only place where we found affordable prices. So 5 of our 6 accommodations were booked using Airbnb. This was not only an affordable option, but we got to meet some really nice hosts with lots of good local advice.

2. We were able to cook a lot of meals because we made sure our Airbnbs had kitchens.

3. Eat pizza. When we didn’t cook, we ate pizza. We couldn’t believe how cheap pizza was compared to everything else. For example, a pizza big enough for 2 usually $8-10 while any other entrée was at least $10 per person.

4. Free activities. We did some hiking and spent a lot of time just relaxing at the beach.



Croatia is a very affordable European vacation destination if you avoid high tourist season of July and August. We loved Croatia because of the friendly locals, beautiful scenery and charming old cities.


4 thoughts on “Budget: Croatia

  1. Thanks for that. That’s a really useful post with some great pics. I’ve always wanted to head in that direction. How was the pizza though? Cheers for the post and safe journeys.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. We really enjoyed the pizza, pretty similar to pizza in Italy. Beautiful country that you should definitely try to visit.

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